Our Services

Practical Tree Solutions provides affordable, knowledgeable tree services. We work for the local Blue Mountains community to maintain your garden against pests and diseases, and assess safety aspects of trees in a proficient, safety focused, work environment.

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Tree Care & Maintenance

 To keep them in excellent condition each type of tree needs unique care. In this way they are just like people, needing a health check from time to time to maintain them. In return, heathy trees alongside cared for plants and your garden can provide many benefits to the residents and the environment.

Tree Pruning & Hedging

 Keeping your trees and garden neat through pruning and hedging is always good. Having scheduled pruning according to the season can give your garden that sharp and tidy look while keeping it protected from environmental issues.

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Tree Removal

We can remove any tree that may be in the way, part of a future plan or is a present danger. We do this using the right skills, methods and equipment, making sure to adhere to the highest safety standards and procedures.

Pest and disease assessment

Tree surgeons can identify pest and disease issues and recommend the best possible treatment.

Left unchecked, pests and disease problems can quickly become harder to manage.

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Storm Damage & Emergency Work.

 Trees that are damaged by storm events can be a threat to your family and assets without showing obvious signs. We offer free assessments and 24 hour assistance for any tree emergencies like these. 

Free Mulch

We offer free mulch and firewood when working in your local area. Fill out the form below to be added to the list and we will be in touch.