Still puzzled with some questions? 
Check out some of the frequently asked questions from our customers. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Practical Tree Solutions, an accredited tree company?

At Practical Tree Solutions we provide top quality service.
We use our knowledge, extensive industry experience and impeccable safety and property damage record to provide solutions for any tree issues.

Why do I need a professional to prune or trim my trees?

In our experience we have seen many serious and potentially fatal injuries occurring due to lack of knowledge, unsafe/incorrect equipment use, or lack of safety precautions. Uninsured property damage can also be costly. Our professional team is insured and has the know how to get the job done right.

When do you recommend a tree should be removed?

A tree should be removed if it is dead, damaged or dangerous.

If you have serious concerns, we strongly recommend contacting us as some tree issues are not obvious by eye or visible from the ground.

Can you help me get council approval?

We sure can.
During our free quote we can see if your tree needs council approval and provide consultation on the condition and future of your tree. Trees can be removed should they be deemed dead, dying or dangerous by a qualified tree surgeon. 

Do you do hedges and gardens?

Yes, we do!
In fact, we are involved in maintaining some prestige gardens and hedges on heritage sites around the mountains. We return to our customers regularly to maintain and hedge large gardens. 

What does Practical Tree Solutions insurance cover?

Practical Tree Solutions is a fully insured company with a comprehensive liability policy.
We only use insured and industry qualified contractors to complete work. We are proud of our impeccable safety record of zero property and injury claims

Is my tree dangerous? Will it fall?

Trees can be perceived to be dangerous. Although some trees may seem to pose risk, some are simply happy and healthy. Practical Tree Solutions can offer advice on the overall health and vigour of your tree with an informed recommendation. If requested, we can also provide visual aerial assessment should there be a concern about any defects not visible from the ground. We offer advice on what work may or may not be completed without council approval.